Rent our cute Candy Cart for any event, with fully customisable bunting and decorations – add something special to your party!

All our Candy Carts include scoops, bags and jars, plus decorative bunting

Did you know we also make Candy Cones? They’re super cute and perfect for any party!

Our Sweet Selection - Take your pick!

Strawberry Bon Bons, Lemon Bon Bons, Liquorice All Sorts, Giant Cola Bottles, Cola Cubes, Barrat Milk Bottles, Giant Strawberries, Bubble Gum Bottles, Aniseed Twists, Black Jacks, Fruit Salads, Jazzies (large & small), White Mice, Pontefract Cakes, Foam Bananas, Toffee Crumble, Flying Saucers PLUS...
Toffee Eclairs, Lollies (assorted flavours), Candy Necklaces, Spearmint Chews, Millions (assorted flavours), Dolly Mixtures, Fried Eggs, Jelly Beans, Watermelon Slices, Pear Drops, Chewing Nuts, Liquorice Torpedos, Sherbet Lemons, Jelly Babies, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Marshmallows, Yellow Belly Haribo Snakes, Love Hearts, Haribo Heart Throbs
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